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2016 Presidential Campaign

What's the Real Agenda?

The Silent Agendas

Every election is underwritten by the silent agendas which underpin the human heart. Though politics is often regarded as an arena for duking it out over ‘getting stuff’, even when specific social reforms are a driving impetu...

Penis Politics

The present political season with all its strange and outlandish theater can most aptly be labelled ‘penis politics’. The overriding and oft-expressed desire of great masses of voters to ‘stick it to the em’ about the establi...

Take me to the Promised Land

 So what ‘agendas’ are driving the 2016 presidential campaign? Much has been written about the phenomenal rise – at least to the mainstream – of candidates perceived as outsiders like Trump and Sanders. But an agenda drives t...


What is Donald Trump’s real agenda? Does he even want to be president? A fair case can be made that that has never been his goal.