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    About The Agenda Game

    The Agenda Game is a small piece of political theater in a box where players can throw their hat into the political ring. But these presidential candidates aren’t competing for electoral votes – they have agendas! The board game was designed to tickle the funny bone, and teach something new about people and politics in general every time you play.

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    What Players Are Saying

    What's The Real Agenda?

    The Agenda Blog

    I Believe in Democracy

    So, I wrote a game to keep this picture clear in my mind. Because the whole process sure looked like an elaborate game to me. My game taught me to look for the hidden agenda and to think about who is juicing the

    What is Fascism?

    Fascism is one of those slippery terms that recall Justice Potter Stewart’s famous quip about pornography: “I don’t know what it is but I know it when I see it.” In the case of fascism, it seems to be more a vague

    The Perennial Election Agenda: Myth Marketing

    The perennial election agenda is to sell you on a myth, a storyline that speaks to your hopes, fears, discontents, and longings about the future. [...]

    The Agenda Game.

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