Agenda Story

I voted for one political party for some 25 years to get a very specific policy proposal enacted. So what happened? The issue I was concerned about happened under the opposing political party’s watch. And then what happened? The party I had long supported returned to power and promptly cratered the very issue about which I had long placed my faith in them. This caused my mental wheels to begin churning. I realized I didn’t understand the actual political process very well at all, and yet there were political issues about which I was downright passionate.

Take me to the Promised Land

So what ‘agendas’ are driving the 2016 presidential campaign? Much has been written about the phenomenal rise – at least to the mainstream – of candidates perceived as outsiders like Trump and Sanders. But an agenda drives their success even if it is unarticulated and mostly characterized by a vague, overarching sense of disquietude.

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