The Agenda Game

The Agenda Game

Welcome to the home page of The Agenda Game! What is The Agenda Game? Well, The Agenda Game is the brain child of Mary Russell, a former teacher and serial entrepreneur. The Agenda Game is the culmination of the journey to discover a way for politics and the political games people play to not only be better understood but be fun at the same time.


What is Donald Trump’s real agenda? Does he even want to be president? A fair case can be made that that has never been his goal. After his decisive win in South Carolina, as he was preparing to make his victory speech, he even said, “Who would think last June that we would be standing here? I thought we’d be, like, maybe in the middle of the pack?” He consistently does and says things that would by rights crater the campaigns of any conventional candidate. Most have seen this as the knee-jerk reactions of an inveterate bully, and certainly this is part of the mix.

What ‘Agendas’ are driving the 2016 presidential campaign?

So, what ‘Agendas’ are driving the 2016 presidential campaign? Much has been written about the phenomenal rise—at least to the mainstream—of candidates perceived as outsiders like Trump and Sanders. But an agenda drives their success even if it is unarticulated and mostly characterized by a vague, overarching sense of disquietude.

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